Septic Tank Care and Repair TipsSeptic Tank Care and Repair Tips

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Septic Tank Care and Repair Tips

Having a septic tank can be a huge asset for your home. But if you don't maintain your tank or system, it can experience serious problems and possibly fail. I learned this the hard way a year ago. I had a tank installed on my farm to save money on expenses. I became so busy with taking care of the farm that I forgot to care for my tank. The lines in my tank clogged up and created a backup in the drainfield. The clog also caused blockages in my plumbing pipes, which eventually cracked and leaked. I called septic tank services for help. The contractors explained why it's important to maintain my system and how. Now, I want to share those tips with you through my blog. I hope that you learn as much about your system as I did.


A Few Times You Need To Rent A Toilet

While you probably take having a toilet for granted, there may come a time when your toilet isn't working properly or you need more than what you have in the house. Luckily, there are companies that offer toilet trailer rentals so you never have to worry about people not being able to go to the bathroom. You will be surprised at what you can get. It does not have to be a small cubicle you can barely turn around in with a toilet and nothing else.  Here are a few situations that warrant renting a port-a-potty.

Large Event

If you are planning a large event at your home, perhaps a graduation party or wedding, you may need to have an extra bathroom for everyone. If the event is outside, you may  not want people traipsing through the house all the time with dirt and whatnot on their shoes, either. Contact a toilet rental facility to go over the options they offer. Have it delivered a few days in advance of the event so you can set up around it and decorate it a bit to keep it from looking out of place. 


When you are planning a big remodeling job that involves the bathroom, it is a good idea to have a rented unit available. While you may be able to plan the work so the toilet will not be involved, or at least that it won't be out of commission for very long, you should consider that things can and do go wrong when you least expect them to. Having a rented toilet ready just in case ensures you are not driving people to the nearest gas station or fast food restaurant in an emergency.

Plumbing Problems

Sometimes a plumbing problem comes up that makes using the toilet in your home impossible. You could have a broken drain pipe, or perhaps something stuck in the pipe that keeps water from flowing out. The ability to have a rental unit brought to the property will be a huge benefit to the family, especially if the repair is going to take longer than a single day.

Whether you need a simple port-a-potty to get you through until you can use your own bathroom again, or want a complete restroom for extra guests, there are toilet trailer rentals that will fit your needs. When it is not an emergency, consider the options that will make things easier on everyone involved and plan when to have the unit delivered. The rental company will take care of the rest for you.